Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

Do I Need An Orange County Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have been seriously injured, you may need an Orange County personal injury attorney.


Have you been seriously injured in an automobile accident, or other serious incident?  If so, you may need an Orange County personal injury attorney to help you get compensation to make you whole for your injuries. Don’t make one of the following mistakes that many people make when they get injured in a car accident.


Mistake #1 – Not Hiring An Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer Because They Cost Too Much


Many people hesitate to get legal help because they don’t want to pay for an Orange County personal injury lawyer, or they don’t think that they can afford it.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often take advantage of individuals that represent themselves without an experienced personal injury attorney on their side.  The good news is, most attorneys accept payment on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you don’t pay any legal fees up front, any you only pay the attorney a percentage of the money that they recover for you.  An experienced Orange County personal injury attorney will be able to fully evaluate your case, and will know a range for what would be considered fair for an insurance company to pay.  Having an OC personal injury lawyer on your side will typically result in a higher level of compensation for you – even after their fees are taken into consideration.  So let an expert OC personal injury attorney deal with the headache of negotiating with insurance companies, so you can take care of yourself and get better.


Mistake #2 – Not Getting Medical Treatment Immediately


Another common mistake that people make after being in car crash or other serious incident is delaying medical treatment.  Common injuries from car crashes include whiplash, and other soft tissue injuries.  These types of injuries often times get worse over the days following the accident.  Even if you think you are “okay” it is a good idea to be fully evaluated by a medical professional immediately after an accident.  If injuries to become worse, you will have a full medical record of treatment.  When insurance companies see a “gap” in treatment, they may try to deny some or all of your claimed medical expenses.  An Orange County personal injury attorney can help you deal with insurance companies that are being difficult, but it always helps if you don’t have any gaps in your medical treatment.


Mistake #3 – Making Statements To The Insurance Companies About Fault


If you were injured in an automobile accident and were not at fault, the other driver’s insurance will be responsible to pay for your injuries and property damage – up to the limits of the other driver’s insurance policy.  The insurance company will typically reach out to you immediately and try to get a statement from you regarding the accident.  It is best not to make any statements directly to the insurance company, and to let an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney talk to them on your behalf.  However if you do talk with them, do not admit fault, or make statements that might create ambiguity as to who was at fault.  Any statement that you make to them can be used to deny coverage to you, or apportion fault to you which will significantly reduce your compensation.


No one plans on getting in an accident, but if it does happen to you, don’t go at it alone.  Chudleigh Law P.C. is based in Laguna Beach, CA and is an experienced Orange County Personal Injury Attorney that serves clients throughout southern California.